Synthetic Data

Use advanced Computer Graphics technology to generate artificial images to train your AI.


You don't have data

State-of-the-art deep learning solutions are data hungry and require tons of annotated image examples to learn from. When you aren’t Google or Facebook, obtaining enough of those can be a slow and expensive process.

Lack of data

AI requires a lot of data to train properly. It is only as good as its data. Only the big guys have enough visual data.

Slow and expensive

Manually annotating images is slow and costly since it requires a lot of man-hours to process thousands or millions of images.

Error prone

Manual annotation is performed by humans. Hence, it is prone to error.


Procedural CGI

Today, Our technology uses advanced, procedural Computer Generated Imagery (CGI) to produce exceptionally realistic images. Precision and control are innate to the rendering process. Our approach enables high degrees of variation and ease of modification.

Check out some of our showcases (link recognize synth from real challenge) to see how impressive our synthetic data really is!


Automated Workflow


  1. Investigate Your Use Case

    In collaboration with your team, we analyze whether your use case is a fit for synthetic data and what the exact requirements are.

  2. Construct CGI Pipeline

    First, our experts collect existing models or build procedural 3D models. Next, we construct a procedural pipeline that can generate a large variety of the perfectly annotated images that you need.

  3. Deliver Output

    Data is generated and delivered by our cloud platform. Our API and WebApp enables your own experts to generate infinite variations with parameters of their choosing.

Investigate your use case

Contact us freely to examine whether synthetic image generation meets your needs