Computer Vision Consulting

We bring state-of-the-art Computer Vision research to your development

The problem

Rapid succession of academic methods

Deep Learning has made breakthrough advances in the field of Computer Vision. The rapid succession of newer, better methods improving the academic state-of-the-art has made it challenging to keep up.

Not only is it difficult to stay on top of the vast amount of newly published and even open-sourced academic improvements. Translating research work into a functioning solution for a production environment has always been a difficult task.


A handpicked team

We’re an expert centre consisting of PhD-level Computer Vision scientists and researchers with a hacker mentality to build solutions efficiently. Our expert knowledge in Deep Learning, classical computer vision and even synthetic training of visual AI is applied in both agile prototyping and large-scale production environments.


An agile approach

1. Identify requirements

In collaboration with your team, we analyze your goals, needs, current status and data to identify your exact requirements.

2. Conceptualize Solution

After agreeing on requirements, our multi-disciplinary team conceptualizes different solutions, each with their own pros and cons. Each solution is weighed by the performance it yields versus the required effort it takes to implement.

3. Prototyping

An agile approach to implement the chosen solution ensures quick iterations to measure progress and opportunities to correct course for an early prototype with maximal ROI.

4. Further Development

After prototyping, there is a possibility for long-term commitment for continuous improvement and integration of solutions into your production environment.

discuss your needs

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