We’re a team of Computer Vision experts, developers with a hacker mentality that build solutions efficiently. Our expert knowledge in Deep Learning, classical computer vision and even synthetic training of visual AI is applied in both agile prototyping and large-scale production environments.


Our vision is to maximize self-development by pushing the boundaries of AI.

Our core value is equal opportunity for everyone. We believe technology is the great enabler. The digital computer has had far greater social impact than any other social initiative, ever. And Artificial Intelligence will have an even bigger impact, in a far shorter period of time than the digital computer since the 70’s.


We achieve our vision through collaborative enhancement of artificially intelligent systems that can learn to solve any visual task without needing to be taught how to.

AI can be used for a wide array of tasks. Our team has expertise in using AI to solve visual tasks, so that’s the first type of tasks we’re focussing on. We’re not limiting ourselves to creating bigger and better neural networks, our integrated approach means we’re also researching e.g. how to create synthetic environments for them to learn in exponentially faster than in the real world.

Collaborative is a crucial word here. Our team is multidisciplinary, and all those different background provides us with different insights. We feel open-source communities are crucial. And, not unimportantly, we create fair work in places with strong economic depression all by involving people in this collaboration to improve visual AI.

Tatiana Khanova
Deep Learning Researcher
Anna Petrovicheva
Deep Learning Researcher
Jonatan Snyders
Co-founder & Computer Vision Engineer
Alexander Goryun
CGI Researcher
Maarten Huijsmans
Co-Founder & Software Engineer
Bruno Mircevski
Growth Hacker
Simon Snyders
Data Scientist
Luis Arenas
Director of Image Augmentation

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